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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rocketcar Day 9 July 15th 2007

Hola People,
Hold onto your bowels, I'm glad to announce RocketCar Day 9 will be taking place Sunday July 15th.

I will be sending out numerous reminders and updates obviously, but in the mean time get your new car concepts bubbling away, and reassure your parents you're fine but are too busy to visit on the weekend, so get off your back.

Also, while not fending off over concerned relatives, send me the emails of anyone else who should be on the mailing list for these exciting updates.

After doing that, why not send some photos from rocketcar day 8 so you’re not to ashamed when 9 rolls around that you haven’t sent them yet. (hello at rocketcarday.com)

Anyhoo, book it in: Sunday July 15th.

TBA: theme, new crazy rules, who’s making a BBQ.